Pacific International
Ballet Competition 2019
March 25 Monday - 29 Friday


Pacific International Ballet Competition provides ballet dancers living both inside and outside Japan with the opportunity to be seen and judged by famous ballet school teachers and leaders from Japan and abroad. Not only scholarships, but also with careful judgements from each juries, we hope that all the ballet dancers will have a great chance and progress.


【Workshop Date】 March 25, 26, 2019

  ※ Workshops are not taken into account for the judgement !!


【Venue】 Noah Studio Gakugeidai

  7F Noah Building, 5-25-10, Himonya, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 152-0003
  Tel: 03-3710-2011
 [Tokyu Toyoko Line]  13 minutes walk from Gakugei-daigaku Station or Toritsu-daigaku Station


  Access to Noah Studio



【Competition Date】 March 27, 28, 29, 2019


【Venue】 Nerima Culture Center (Main hall)

  1-17-37, Nerima, Nerima-ku, Tokyo, 176-0001
  TEL 03-3993-3311
  [Seibu Line・Yurakucho Line・Oedo Line]  1 minute walk from the Central Exit of Nerima Station


  Access to Nerima Culture Center


Japanese and international juries evaluate your performance fairly and carefully!!


Pacific International Ballet Competition (PIBC) invites prominent judges from Japan and abroad and provides scholarships of overseas ballet schools for you. Elements such as Basic skill, Technical ability, Artistry, Musicality, Proportion of the body, Future possibility will be evaluated comprehensively in 10 grades.

●Junior I       9-12 years old
●Junior II     13-15 years old
●Senior I      16-18 years old
●Senior II     19-30 years old
★ Age as of March 29, 2019

★ The worksheet with the comments of the judges will be given to every participants.
★ Junior I and II may perform on flat shoes.
★ As soon as it becomes capacity, we will stop taking applications.





Steps to ballet school abroad!
Many scholarships of overseas ballet schools!


The Pacific International Ballet Competition (PIBC) provides many scholarships and permissions for entering school - Moorland Ballet Academy (UK), Hungarian Dance Academy (Hungary) and many other schools.


Scholarship Details



Audition for Russian ballet schools


On 26th March, the day before competitions, there is going to be an audition for candidates who are interested in learning ballet in Russia.

★ individual application for the audition is necessary apart from applying competition.
★ The audition is held for applicants who strongly wish to join Novosibirsk Ballet School, Ufa Ballet School, Bolshoi Ballet Academy, and Vaganova Ballet Academy.


Applying for Audition



You can experience and purchase Sylvia products (Ballet goods) at the lobby during the competition!


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